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Breaking Down Barriers, Building Bridges

Posted May 19, 2023 /

In May of 2018, Todd Rockoff, President and CEO of the Tucson Jewish Community Center (JCC or the J), heard a presentation about the national Safety, Respect and Equity Coalition that was created to serve the Jewish community in public spaces like the J. Todd immediately decided to sign on and get involved. By 2020,… Read more »

Including and Reflecting the Whole Community

Posted May 18, 2023 /

Building on a commitment to accessibility, Children’s Museum Tucson (CMT) used the IDEA grant from The David and Lura Lovell Foundation to hire a consultant to evaluate CMT’s inclusion and diversity strengths and weaknesses and make recommendations for improvement. LeCroy & Milligan (LMA), a Tucson-based research and evaluation firm was engaged to conduct CMT’s Making… Read more »

Transforming Obstacles into Opportunities

Posted December 15, 2022 /

The mission statement of The Drawing Studio (TDS) is “to inspire people of all ages and backgrounds to embrace art practice as a pathway to personal growth and healthy community.”  The realization of this mission is being advanced through the R.E.A.D.I. initiative which was launched in 2019.  R.E.A.D.I. stands for Race, Equity, Access, Diversity, and… Read more »