Community Responsibility

We may make grants nationally, but we started in Toledo, Ohio, and today we live and work in Southern Arizona. We have a responsibility to those communities.

The Lovell family’s philanthropy started in Toledo, Ohio, primarily supporting mental health organizations, youth programs, and the Catholic Church. In the 1990s, the family moved full-time to Tucson, Arizona, and started the Foundation. Grantmaking grew locally and around the country where our Trustees and Advisors lived. We began to support a widening variety of organizations and interests that impacted many other communities. But our hearts have always been rooted in where we are from and where we live now.

Occasionally we have opportunities to share our resources that do not fit squarely into our current focus areas such as opening our office as a convening space or donating staff and/or consultant time to important projects. Sometimes they are related to how we manage our investments. And sometimes they are just the right thing to do, like helping to build capacity in the nonprofit sector, making investments into equity and inclusion, or providing strategic emergency relief. Regardless of the why, these opportunities are an important part of who we are as a foundation. We belong to a community, we have a responsibility to that community, and so, we contribute. On this page, we have highlighted some of those efforts.