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For Funders

The David and Lura Lovell Foundation is in the final stages of a planned sunset that will likely conclude by the end of 2024, the year of our 30th Anniversary!

By that time, we estimate that we will have granted nearly $50,000,000 to around 140 nonprofit organizations across the United States, with a focus on Arizona and Ohio.  We know that giving responsibly is a challenge and we have learned much along the way. But it is also true that dozens of organizations, our Grantee Partners, will have succeeded in achieving their goals and positively affected thousands of lives. And in some instances, we will have supported successful “initiatives,” as evidenced by the creation of a solution to a problem or the elimination of a barrier to success, by effecting a structural or systems change, or by supporting organizational transformations so that they may work better, with others, toward a more positive future. And that is what drives our work now as we explore what we can do with the money and time we have left to make a lasting impact in the areas we care about most. 

If we have learned one thing over the last 27 years, it is that we work best when we work with partners, certainly Grantee Partners, but also funding partners. We have co-funded programs and initiatives with dozens of other foundations over the years.  That is why we are reaching out now to you – our foundation and philanthropy-minded friends- to ask that you join us in supporting the work of our Grantee Partners beyond our lifetime as a foundation. We believe we have identified some high-quality initiatives, led by some amazing organizations, and that they are worthy of your time and attention, and hopefully, your dollars.

To that end, we have turned our website upside down. It is no longer about advertising what potential grantees can get from us. It is now about highlighting the work that they are doing, the impact they are having, and the communities and lives they are changing. We have tried to create a “Megaphone for Good,” calling out to all who care and hoping to gain their additional support. So, we encourage you to take some time to look through these pages and then reach out to us with your questions and thoughts about what you see and read. Or better yet, reach out to our Grantee Partners directly. We will share as much as we can, for as long as we are here, and we may even consider co-funding something, especially if we think we can make a real change happen soon. I look forward to hearing what you are doing and how we might work together.

John Amoroso
Executive Director
The David and Lura Lovell Foundation