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Creating a New Path to Benefit Two Generations

Posted October 27, 2021 /

In Arizona single mothers with young children face substantial challenges in meeting their economic needs. Almost one in three children under age six in the state live in poverty, affecting their need for future economic, health, and social supports. Currently, most Arizona low-income single mothers do not have any kind of post-secondary degree, substantially limiting… Read more »

Research that Leads to Change in the Entertainment Industry

Posted June 10, 2021 /

The Annenberg Inclusion Initiative (AI2) at the University of Southern California, founded by Dr. Stacy L. Smith, is the leading global think tank studying issues of inequality in entertainment and rolling out tangible solutions for change. AI2 engages research, advocacy and action surrounding entertainment on behalf of marginalized individuals to create a more inclusive ecosystem… Read more »

Expand the Story, Change the World

Posted May 31, 2021 /

The growing sense of urgency around gender equity in media required an industry-wide response. To meet this challenge, in 2015, Women In Film and Sundance Institute brought together over 50 Hollywood leaders and influencers, including studio heads, agency partners, senior network executives, and talent and guild representatives to figure out a way to make the… Read more »

Eliminating Language that Silences Workers’ Voices

Posted May 31, 2021 /

Gender equality in the workplace cannot be addressed until we eradicate the widespread culture of silencing that prevents American workers from speaking up about gender discrimination, sexual harassment, misogyny, and other unacceptable behavior. Lift Our Voices works to eliminate language in nondisclosure agreements and mandatory arbitration clauses that silences workers’ voices. Today, 60 million Americans… Read more »

Advancing Gender Parity Among Young Men

Posted May 31, 2021 /

The idea for the Healthy Masculinity Initiative developed among Tucson social service agency leaders who want to break the cycle of sexual assault and domestic violence by supporting young men, engaging them as allies, and building a community culture in which teenage boys are safe to ask for help, express themselves, and become whole human… Read more »

Creating a Fairer and More Equitable Workplace

Posted May 31, 2021 /

On average, just 18% of top leadership positions—including C-suite roles and those of vice president, director, and senior manager—are held by women. When the gender parity gap is closed, everyone wins: Gender diverse companies are 15% more likely to outperform peers and women reinvest 90% of their incomes into families and communities, thus adding half a trillion dollars to… Read more »

Increasing Independent Reporting on Gender and Mental Health

Posted May 30, 2021 /

The 19th is an independent nonprofit newsroom reporting at the intersection of gender, race, politics and policy. The 19th launched in 2020, one of the most consequential election years in generations, and nearly a century after the 19th Amendment granted some — but not all — women the right to vote. Its mission is to empower… Read more »