Inspiring Bold Giving for Gender Equality

Initiative Building Measurement, Evaluation, and Learning Capacity at Women Moving Millions
Grantee Partner Women Moving Millions

Women Moving Millions (WMM) believes gender equality will remain out of reach while the stark gap in funding for women and girls persists. As it stands, only 1.9% of philanthropic funds in the United States goes towards organizations advancing women and girls issues. Across the challenges facing our planet, from COVID-19 to climate change, this resource gap has truly become a crisis.

WMM plays an essential role in shifting the quantity and quality of funds to fill this gap. Founded more than a decade ago to ‘raise the bar on women’s giving,’ WMM has catalyzed a major global funding initiative. It has grown to become a thriving global community of over 350 philanthropists who have collectively committed nearly a billion dollars to advance gender equality. Most recently, WMM launched a Give Bold, Get Equal Campaign to mobilize critical resources during the pandemic and in just nine months secured $111 million in new commitments for women and girls.

At WMM, our transformative potential lies in community and our shared belief that together, we are more powerful. To challenge its members to be better philanthropists, WMM offers specially curated programs to spark learning, deepen connections, and inspire bold giving. We seek to leverage our collective strength, networks, and influence to achieve more than just incremental impact – together we can drive exponential change, accelerating progress towards gender equality globally.

Member Rachael Wells articulates the transformation that can result: “I initially conceptualized my Women Moving Millions pledge as a way to counteract the long-time inequities in the distribution of resources across gender identities. Thanks to WMM programs, though, I now fully understand that we ALL need a gender equal world. At a macro level, our sustainability as a human species depends on it.”

WMM also forges powerful connections and collaborations within its community. This experience has been powerful for Yehudit Sidikman, who shares of her many member collaborations: “This is truly what the WMM community means to me. Women working together to amplify the messages, change the systems to support safe living, and the more we do, the better for everyone. One of the strengths of WMM is our ability to come together to build solutions to world problems through partnership.”

Women Moving Millions provides a space to link arms with other like-minded women who are the powerhouses in their own communities and field of work, to listen, to learn, and to move with urgency and intention…With less than 2% of funding supporting women and girls, it will take all of us, moving strategically, asserting our voice and influence, to boldly challenge the world around us.

Renee Parson, WMM Member