The Journey to Heal

Initiative Untitled Documentary - Social Impact Media
Grantee Partner Afterimage Public Media
The film crew on location shooting footage for the documentary.

After a decade of back-to-back, secret military ops, Marcus Capone returned home and tried to adjust to civilian life. Frustrated that no conventional therapies helped his severe depression, anxiety, and rage, most likely stemming from a TBI and PTSD, his wife Amber sent him out of the country for what turned out to be lifesaving psychedelic treatment, a protocol including naturally occurring substances currently illegal in the US. Confronted with the alarming numbers of veteran suicides (according to the USO, the rate of suicide among members of the military is four times higher than deaths that occurred during military operations), Marcus and Amber became passionate about giving their community access to this lifeline and are racing against time to help their fellow military families.

The documentary follows a group of Navy SEAL veterans who, after years of struggling with anxiety, severe pain, and suicidal ideation, have found their breaking point. Using intimate realism, interviews, archival footage and animation, the film tells the inspirational story of soldiers who served as America’s tip of the spear in the Global War on Terror who find themselves at the cutting edge of alternative treatments. Also covered is novel scientific research from the world-renowned Bay Area based Brain Stimulation Lab around the regenerative properties of these ancient medicines unfolding in real time.

“Over the years, we have been honored to share stories of survivors struggling with the lingering effects of trauma, and this project goes in the most surprising directions,” said Jon Shenk, co-director of the documentary and founder of Actual Films. “Marcus and Amber Capone, and their community, are warriors who are helping to open a window that will have profound effects on how we think about treating mental health diagnoses and brain injury,”

“This film confronts hard truths about the lack of essential mental health care for those who have served their country and takes the audience on a truly compassionate and emotional journey they will not forget.”

David Linde, CEO, Participant