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SAAF’s CEO Elected to TUSD Governing Board

A Letter from Dr. Ravi Grivois-Shah, November 18, 2020:

Dear SAAF Community,

I’m writing today to share good news…. As many of you may have already heard, the voters of Tucson have elected me to serve on the TUSD Governing Board!

The Tucson Unified School District, with over 40,000 students, is the largest school district in Southern Arizona, and third largest in the state. I’m humbled and honored that voters of Tucson not only put their trust in me, but also elected our first openly LBGTQ+ member of the TUSD Governing Board.

As a member of the TUSD Governing Board, I’ll help set policy and priorities that affect the education and lives of so many in our community, including my own family and three children. From my vantage point as CEO of SAAF, I’ll be able to fight for inclusive curriculum, policies that are fair for students of all backgrounds, and support for our most vulnerable youth.

We all know how important it is to have seats at the table in order to develop sound policy. I learned that first-hand when I was a member of the TUSD Family Life Curriculum (FLC, “sex ed”) Committee last year, and what it took to ensure that the FLC curriculum was not only medically accurate and comprehensive, but inclusive of LGBTQ+ students and families.

So much of what we do at SAAF is standing up for the most vulnerable in our community, especially LGBTQ+ youth. I’m excited how my role on the TUSD Governing Board will further this mission.

These past few weeks have been an amazing time for me and my family. My start at SAAF has been so amazing, thanks to you and the outpouring of support from a community that so wants SAAF to succeed. Thank you for the positivity and support these past few months. I hope I continue to earn that from you in the months and years ahead!

Here’s to working together towards a “healthy and stigma-free society”. Thank you for being a part of this critical mission.

Warm regards,

Ravi Grivois-Shah, MD MPH MBA
Chief Executive Officer
Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation