Ann W. Lovell

“As you become more involved, you meet more people and do more.”

David and Lura Lovell’s children did not grow up with wealth – but they did learn to follow their parents’ example of helping others in need. Once the company David founded was sold and the foundation established, Ann had big ideas on how to invest those funds in people, projects and programs to improve lives. Today Ann is president of the David and Lura Lovell Foundation and previously served as its executive director from 2004 to 2012. She’s a certified public accountant with more than 30 years of experience in business, focusing on financial accounting and tax consulting. She was definitely born to lead. Ann is a founding director and treasurer of The Bravewell Collaborative, a philanthropic nonprofit established to advance integrative medicine. She’s the founder of the Valley Foundation, which provides college scholarships in Southern Arizona. She also was a founding board member of Social Venture Partners Tucson. In addition, Ann is a founding director and president of Women Moving Millions, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to mobilize unprecedented resources for the advancement of women and girls. Ann serves on the Women’s Leadership Board at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, the Foundation for Women’s Leadership Council in California and Liberia, the Circle of Ten of the Institute for Inclusive Security and the advisory council for the Women’s Foundation of Southern Arizona, where she established the organization’s first donor-advised fund. Ann holds three martial arts black belts and is most proud of her career as mother for six children.

Stephen J. Lovell

“We are all on the same essential page about the deepest things we have to do.”

Steve Lovell grew up in the Midwest and northeast, blessed with a great family and the opportunity to learn and pursue his lifelong fascination with technology and the sciences. After finishing high school and entering college in Ohio in the late ’60s he was bitten by the wanderlust of the times and took off after a few semesters to “see more of America” – much to his parents’ consternation, who suggested quite logically that he should finish his studies first. After all, they both were college graduates. After traveling around the country, he had a chance to visit the island of Hawaii, landed in Kona and quickly fell in love with the place. He decided to stay and after a couple of years as a cook he found work as an electronics and communications tech  installing, maintaining and modifying all kinds of electronic and radio equipment. By the late ’80s he was also working as a broadcast engineer and rock-and-roll DJ for local radio stations. In 1991 he met Jayne Dunford, who came to the island to see the total eclipse of the sun. Sweethearts ever since, they now live in both Kona, Hawaii and Eugene, Oregon. Steve is honored to be part of the David and Lura Lovell Foundation and an advocate for local service organizations in his communities.

JoDee Robertson

“I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished and I’m so gratified for our friendships.”

JoDee Robertson is a mother, medical professional, and philanthropist. Her diverse palette of experience has given her a unique ability to support others. Whether it’s an orphanage in Africa looking for a sponsor for a new school, a young person who needs a place to stay while sorting through personal matters, or a medical student inquiring about how to handle the communication of a delicate situation with a patient, JoDee is there for support.  JoDee consistently finds creative solutions for those in need. Being a mother is a source of great joy in her life. But, her maternal instincts have served far more than her direct family. Having the opportunity to participate on this board feeds her passion for supporting others in finding their dreams.

Kendra Moushey

“I’m looking forward to this journey – to exploring the possibilities for the impact of the next generation on this family foundation.”

Kendra Moushey is passionate about dentistry biological/integrative dentistry to be specific.  She is a registered dental hygienist and practices at Integrative Dental Associates in Phoenix, Arizona.  Kendra completed her associates degree in dental hygiene at Carrington College where she graduated with honors, received the Making a Difference Award and was an invited member of Carrington College’s advisory board.  She received her bachelor’s degree from Grand Canyon University and has just recently graduated the University of Arizona’s Center for Integrative Medicine’s Integrative Health and Lifestyle Program.

Kendra was elected to the Lovell Foundation Board of Advisors in January 2014. She previously participated as a next-generation volunteer and proposed a Family Initiated Giving grant to purchase equipment for the Central Arizona Shelter Services Dental Clinic (CASS).  The clinic provides dental care for children and adults who are homeless. Kendra is an active volunteer in her community.  In addition to CASS, she also volunteers at the Arizona Coalition for Tomorrow Kids Health Fair, the Central Arizona Mission of Mercy, the Phoenix Children’s Hospital and the Valley Foundation.