Types of Grants

Initiative Grants

These grants are made to one or more nonprofit organizations to:

  • Address the root causes of a social issue in our focus areas, either through elimination of a problem or creation of a solution;
  • Alter the structure of a system so that it can better address the root causes of a social issue; or
  • Transform an organization or group of organizations so they are better equipped to alter the structure of a system and/or address the root cause of a social issue.

These grants will align with one of our focus areas, either in one of our designated communities, regionally, state-wide or nationally. The Foundation may choose to identify a particular goal through research or by convening local stakeholders in the development of an initiative or model. There is the expectation that Initiative grants will include elements of strategic planning; promising or evidence-based approaches; thorough evaluation; collaborative implementation; leveraged funding from multiple sources; and robust reporting on measurable outcomes. Initiative grants may be made to one or more organizations, over multiple years.  These grants may come to our attention through our Letter of Interest process or through a Foundation initiated request for proposal.

The Lovell Foundation does not accept unsolicited proposals for funding. Letters of interest are accepted at any time from potential grantee partners, with a deadline of October 1 for the November 1 application deadline and March 1 for the April 1 application deadline. If invited to apply, we work with potential grantees to prepare for the next funding cycle, knowing that it could be 5-6 months from their invitation to apply.