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New Strategies for Treating Mental Illness

Posted February 14, 2023 /

COMMITTED is a new documentary film produced by Ken Rosenberg, MD, and Peter Miller, Emmy and Peabody-winning documentary makers, and directed by Rosenberg, a practicing psychiatrist who experienced the death of a family member from schizophrenia. COMMITTED brings to life a groundbreaking approach — Assisted Outpatient Treatment — in which judges, doctors, police, and family… Read more »

Research That Leads to Change in the Entertainment Industry

Posted June 10, 2021 /

The Annenberg Inclusion Initiative (AI2) at the University of Southern California, founded by Dr. Stacy L. Smith, is the leading global think tank studying issues of inequality in entertainment and rolling out tangible solutions for change. AI2 engages research, advocacy and action surrounding entertainment on behalf of marginalized individuals to create a more inclusive ecosystem… Read more »

Fearless Storytelling to Prevent Suicide

Posted May 31, 2021 /

After the tragic suicide of Liv Kunik, Liv’s family and a movie production team came together to create a documentary film called LIV. LIV is the story of sisters Tess and Liv, and Tess’ struggle to help Liv as she experiences depression and thoughts of suicide. This rare view of raw emotions and fear reveals… Read more »

Musicians Normalizing Mental Health Issues

Posted May 31, 2021 /

Since the pandemic, the need for youth to feel comfortable and equipped to seek mental health support is greater than ever. The CDC reported that since the pandemic one in four young adults has contemplated suicide, and over 75% report adverse mental health conditions. If unaddressed, experts anticipate that negative mental health symptoms appearing in… Read more »

Working Together to Better Serve Those Affected by Mental Illness

Posted May 31, 2021 /

NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, is the nation’s largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to building better lives for the millions of Americans affected by mental illness. NAMI’s greatest strength is its network of 650+ NAMI State Organizations (NSOs) and NAMI Affiliates (NAs) working in communities across the country. NAMI programs — which… Read more »

Music Changing Lives and Misconceptions about Mental Illness

Posted May 31, 2021 /

ORCHESTRATING CHANGE is the feature-length documentary film that tells the inspiring story of Me2/Orchestra, the only orchestra in the world created by and for people living with mental illness and those who support them. The orchestra’s mission is to erase the stigmatization of people living with mental illness through the creation of beautiful music, community,… Read more »

A Mosaic Helps Shatter the Stigma of Mental Illness

Posted May 31, 2021 /

There is power in art. In creating it. In viewing it. In thinking about it. Recognizing the impact art can have on mental health, the Zepf Community Mental Health Center recently received funding from The David and Lura Lovell Foundation Designated Fund of the Greater Toledo Community Foundation to have local artist Gail Christofferson create… Read more »

Mental Health Treatment Instead of Jail

Posted May 31, 2021 /

In the United States, one in four people shot by a police officer has a serious mental illness, as do almost 25% of jail inmates and 15% of state prison inmates. Police officers have increasingly become first responders to people experiencing a mental health crisis, even though they have few effective tools for dealing with… Read more »

Collaborating to Increase News Coverage of Mental Health Parity Across the Nation

Posted May 31, 2021 /

In 1996, The Carter Center established the Rosalynn Carter Fellowships for Mental Health Journalism (RCFJ), coinciding with the breakthrough passage of the Mental Health Parity Act, the first legislation to require that certain insurance providers consider mental health benefits the same as they would medical or surgical benefits. The fellowship program was the first of… Read more »