How to Apply

Step 1: Please read through this section as well as other areas of our website to determine whether your organization and proposal fits within our types of grants, eligibility, exclusions and focus area guidelines. Please check our Request for Proposals section for current postings.  NOTE: Stand-alone programs not associated with Initiatives in one of our four focus areas, and Initiatives focused only on a limited geographical area or population that do not also directly impact the state of Arizona will be declined. 

Step 2: Click here to access the log-in page of our online application process. Click on the “Create New Account” button and submit the requested information about your organization. After creating your account, you will receive a confirmation email. You can then log back in and submit a Letter of Interest (LOI) for Initiative Grants or Social Impact Media Grants. Be sure to select the correct form, as they are reviewed in separate processes. If you have questions, please email Emailed, typed, or hand written Letters of Interest (i.e., those not entered into our online system) will not be accepted.

Step 3:  If your proposal is of interest to the Foundation, you may be invited to submit a full application. This may require speaking directly with a Foundation representative, providing additional information, or potentially hosting a site visit.

Review Process

All proposals are reviewed by Foundation staff and a Grants Committee. The Grants Committee makes recommendations to the Lovell Foundation Board to either decline or approve the proposal at a particular level of funding. Before making a determination, the Board may invite the applicant to make a presentation (electronically or in person) to the Board. After Board review, you will be contacted by Foundation staff about the status of your proposal, typically within five business days of the meeting. We appreciate your patience during these busy times and ask that you do not contact the Foundation directly for updates.


Letters of Interest may be submitted throughout the year and we make an effort to get back to you within 30 days. However, November-January and April-June are our busiest times of year, so it could take longer to hear back from us during those periods. Recognize that if you are asked to submit a full application, as much as six months may pass between the time you submit your LOI and a final determination is made on your proposal. If you submit your LOI before March 1st or October 1st, it will have a better chance of making the next Board meeting (June or January). However, if your proposal has a compelling time constraint, such as an impending launch-date or a deadline for a matching grant, please make that clear in your Letter of Interest, as we occasionally approve grants between Board meetings. Successful awardees typically receive the funds within 45 days of Board approval.