Executive Director

For more than 23 years, The David and Lura Lovell Foundation has been making a positive difference by supporting organizations that improve the lives of people in the communities where our Trustees have resided: Toledo, Ohio; Tucson, Arizona; Eugene, Oregon; the San Francisco Bay Area; and Hawaii, Hawaii. Our grant making has supported the fields of Mental Health, Integrative Medicine, Cultural and Spiritual Enrichment, and Philanthropic Education.  In addition, we have sought out opportunities to innovate with other philanthropies and practitioners, such as our 15-year connection to The Bravewell Collaborative.

After the 2013 passing of our co-founder, Lura Lovell, the Foundation entered a period of reflection.  In Lura’s own words, “A mission needs to be flexible – because things change and opportunities present themselves.  Your eyes are opened to other needs.” As a result, while our vision, mission, and values remain largely the same, our grantmaking process and focus areas have changed in some significant ways.

First, staying true to the founders’ commitment to building relationships by serving “in the communities where our Trustees reside,” we have discontinued direct grantmaking in Toledo, Ohio. However, in order to honor the legacy of David and Lura Lovell in the Toledo area, the Foundation is establishing a Donor Advised Fund focused on Mental Health in Lucas County, Ohio. This fund will be administered through the Toledo Community Foundation and should be operational by the spring of 2017.

Next, our fields of interest have evolved. While the first two areas of focus are familiar, one of them, Integrative Medicine, has broadened to include Health and Wellness. The other two, Youth Access to the Arts and Gender Parity, are a new direction for the Foundation, and so, we will no longer be making grants in Cultural and Spiritual Enrichment or Philanthropic Education. You can read more about our revised focus areas here:

Finally, we have decided to focus 100% of our funding on initiatives – proposals that aim to address the root causes of issues, change systems for the better, or transform organizations so they may more easily accomplish the first two purposes. Initiatives may potentially extend beyond our traditional geographic limits, since they may touch lives both in our core communities and elsewhere.

While all of our grantmaking remains by invitation only, we want the communities where our Trustees reside and other potential grantee partners to understand our priorities.  Please explore guidelines and other materials and then, if you believe your organization would be a good fit for the Lovell Foundation, we encourage you to submit a Letter of Interest.


John C. Amoroso
Executive Director