Focus Areas

Integrative Health and Wellness
We envision communities where all people have access to integrative (also known as alternative or complementary) approaches to health care and wellness throughout the spectrum of life. We prioritize initiatives that aim to broaden the awareness and use of best practice approaches, especially to underserved populations.

Mental Health
The Lovell Foundation envisions communities where mental health care is both barrier- and stigma-free as part of a broader approach to Integrative Health and Wellness. We prioritize initiatives that aim to reduce the stigma of living with and seeking services for a mental health issue. We do not fund drug and alcohol treatment.

Youth Access to the Arts
We believe that experiencing the arts through education or participation contributes to the development of well-rounded individuals. We prioritize initiatives with the capacity to systemically improve youth access to the arts.

Gender Parity
We partner with organizations working to advance gender parity at a regional or national level only. We give priority to organizations that address gender barriers and aim to have an impact on gender parity in significant and measurable ways. While most gender-based efforts have been focused on reducing inequities by primarily supporting girls and women, we are exploring initiatives engaging boys and men that serve to balance access to opportunities and resources without discrimination on the basis of gender or sexual orientation. The Lovell Foundation board is investigating the most impactful ways to level the playing field related to gender disparities. New information will become available on our website in summer 2019.