Eligibility and Exclusions


  1. All grant proposals are  requested by invitation-only, following a letter of inquiry or request for proposal process.
  2. Applicant organizations must either be 501(c)(3) pubic charities in good standing with a determination letter from the IRS, or tax exempt faith-based organizations, schools and instruments of government that meet our other guidelines.
  3. We do not accept proposals that simply aim to replace other sources of funding such as government support or insurance.
  4. All proposals must be either national in scope or serve regional populations in either Pima or Maricopa County, Arizona; Eugene, Oregon; or Hawaii, Hawaii.
  5. Toledo, Ohio area organizations working in the area of Mental Health may be eligible for grants through our Donor Advised Fund at the Toledo Community Foundation. Please visit www.toledocf.org for information.
  6. Applicants must be able to comply with all narrative and financial reporting requirements as outlined in our Application Instructions or Grant Agreements.
  7. If the organization is a previous or current grantee, it must be in good standing with all reporting requirements and use of funds, as determined by Foundation staff.


  1. Organizations that discriminate on the basis of age, gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, national origin, political affiliation or religious beliefs
  2. Faith-based organizations that do not serve persons outside of their membership, include proselytizing in programs, or condition receipt of services on belief in a particular faith
  3. Endowments or Board designated reserve funds
  4. General fund drives, such as United Way annual campaigns
  5. Debt retirement or operating deficits
  6. Indirect expenses unrelated to the proposed program; institutional indirect rates (i.e., universities) allowed only on a pre-negotiated basis
  7. Lobbying or political campaigns
  8. Direct donations or grants to individuals
  9. Building or capital campaigns
  10. Organizations primarily supporting individuals or programs located outside of the United States