How to Apply

Step 1: Please read through this section as well as other areas of our website to get a sense of whether your organization and proposal fit within our eligibility, exclusions and focus area guidelines.  

Step 2: Click here to access the log-in page of our online application process. Click on the “Create New Account” button and submit the requested information about your organization. After creating your account, you will receive a confirmation email. You can then log back in and submit a Letter of Interest (LOI) for Initiative grants via the online system. Emailed Letters of Interest (i.e., those not entered into our system) will not be accepted.

Letters of Interest typically include the following information:

  • Organizational or collaborative mission statement
  • Brief description of the organization or collaborative, including geographic location and area of service
  • Outline of the proposal to be considered
  • Goals of the initiative, how they will be met, and how they will be measured
  • Description of partnerships with other organizations or funders involved with the iniative
  • Summary initiative budget, including in-kind contributions and other funding sources. Please indicate whether other sources are either projected (you haven’t asked or heard back yet), committed (you received a “yes”), or secured (funds are in the bank or already spent).
  • The amount requested from the Lovell Foundation (include in budget) and date funds are needed
  • Estimated timeline of initiative from start to finish

Step 3:  If your proposal is of interest to the Foundation, you may be asked to provide additional information or be invited to submit a full proposal by the deadline of our next competitive grant round. You may be required to provide additional information, and/or be asked to speak with a Foundation representative prior to making a full application.

Review and Approval of Proposals:

All proposals are reviewed by Foundation staff and the Grants Committee in the two months prior to the next Foundation Board meeting. Site visits and/or follow-up communication may be required during this time. The Grants Committee makes recommendations to the Lovell Foundation Board to either decline or approve the proposal at a particular level of funding. Before making a determination, the Board may invite the applicant to make a presentation at the Board meeting. You will be contacted by Foundation staff either by phone or email about the status of your proposal, typically within five business days after the Board meeting. We appreciate your patience during this busy time and ask that you do not contact the Foundation directly until you have heard from us.


Letters of Interest may be submitted throughout the year; however, the submission deadlines are October 1st for our November 1st application deadline (for consideration at the January Board meeting), and March 1st for the April 1st application deadline (for consideration at the June Board meeting). Letters submitted after those dates will be considered in the following cycle (i.e., an additional 5-6 months will pass before the application is processed if you are invited to apply). Applicants will be advised of the dates of the Board meetings. Awardees typically receive the funds within 45 days of Board approval.